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Do you need an SPF in Winter?

Do you need an SPF in Winter?

If your skin isn’t exposed to any sunlight, is there even a need for sunscreen?

The answer is YES.

You need to wear a sunscreen every single day, despite the length of time your skin is exposed to direct sunlight, and despite the cooler temperatures. The sun is equally as harmful on a 30-degree summer’s day, as it is on a 17-degree winter’s day.

Your skin is also exposed to harmful UV rays a lot more than you would think – through windows, car screens and cloudy skies. It’s this incidental sun exposure that can lead to fines lines, dull skin and wrinkles.

The best way to get into the habit of applying a sunscreen daily is to incorporate it into your beauty routine. Use it as a primer for makeup or choose products that already contain an SPF in them.

Don’t forget to also protect your lips and hair, as they can also suffer the effects of harmful UV rays.