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Sun Bum Haircare

Sun Bum Haircare

We all know and love the Sun Bum brand for their range of SPF lotions, sprays and lip balms, as well as their gentle Baby Bum range.  However, the brand is now sharing the love in haircare.

Sun Bum Beach Formula 3 in 1 Treatment Spray

Protects, detangles and conditions your hair while enhancing and restoring its natural body. It controls frizz, prevents split ends, slows colour fading and will leave your hair silky smooth and shiny.

Sun Bum Beach Formula Sea Salt Spray

Protects your hair from the elements, while giving it extra body, waves and texture for that windswept look. The lightweight formula enhances strand separation and definition, and helps blocks the effects of frizz-causing humidity. It'll give your hair just the right amount of volume with a matte finish hold.

Sun Bum Beach Formula Shampoo

Sun Bum's Beach Formula Shampoo cleanses out saltwater, chlorine, and environmental pollutants while delivering deep nutrition, smoothing, and shine. Use it religiously to lock in colour, strengthen hair, and keep hair looking beautiful. The special blend restores lost moisture, repairs the damage, and provides unmatched humidity-resistant frizz control. It's gonna be your new favourite.

Sun Bum Beach Formula Conditioner

Sun Bum's Beach Formula Conditioner deeply hydrates and awakens hair, making it highly responsive and manageable. The luxurious concoction locks in hair colour and repairs strands from within, while powerful antioxidants provide UV protection to help prevent colour fade and damage. We love it because it makes our hair super smooth, shiny, and happy.