We’ve been using essential oils for a variety of medicinal and beauty purposes for thousands of years. The benefits of using them far outweigh the costs. Here we list our favourite essential oils & the benefits they bring: 



Lavender is perfect for any skin type and has anti-inflammatory properties which work to reduce skin irritation, redness and discolouration. It also works to restore your natural skin tone.


Tea Tree

Tea tree oil has powerful anti-bacterial properties, making it excellent to use as a treatment for breakouts, and speeding up the healing process. It also works well in regulating oil production and keeping skin clear. 



Coconut oil is an amazing moisturiser and will seep deep into your pores. It also works great as a natural makeup remover.



Rose is great for dry, or ageing skin. It contains several therapeutic compounds known to promote healing which works to refine skin texture and tone.


What essential oils do you use?