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Make it last or make it custom.

Make it last or make it custom.

We all love smells and this spring, we all want to smell sweeter than the flowers! With that being said, a really great way to keep your scent fresh all day is by using a technique called layering. However, if you would like to customise your scents, you could try “fragrance layering”.

Fragrance layering was initially used in the Middle East and involved the combination of multiple fragrances in creating a unique and individual scent based on your preference. 

Layering as a standalone is when you utilise the same scented soap/wash + Lotion + Fragrance to prolong your scent. Heritage fragrance brand TABU understands the importance of layering. We found that using the: Tabu SoapLotionwash and Cologne, had us Tabu’d out all day long without having to continually touch up.

However, if you’re like us and want a unique scent but a little nervous try layering scents with notes from the same fragrance family such as a floral and a floral. Or if you’re more of a risk take why not blend to opposing note families together, we paired 1 spritz of So...? Sinful together with 2 spritzes of So...? Kiss Me to create a unique sweet and musky fragrance with slight fruity tones.

Try it for yourself!

We found really awesome opposing note combinations were: Spicy combined with sweet and fruity combined with florals for a fresh take on spring. Fragrance layering is not only for sprays and perfumes, using complementing body wash + body lotion + a perfume can create some really unique scents. When mixing items with different notes always ensure you layer the heaviest scents first. This will ensure the lighter smells don’t get overpowered but elevate the stronger notes to give you a unique scent that’s all your own.

Have fun and be inspired to create new and unique scents from your favourites.