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The ultimate packing guide

Planning a mid-year getaway? Check out these ten tips & tricks to take the stress out of packing and put the focus on enjoying the trip.

1. Have a list! To avoid packing anything unnecessary, write down everything you’ll need for the trip. Even better if you can pre-plan your outfits

2. Use vacuum bags to save on space – allowing you to pack that extra shift dress

3. Don’t let any space go to waste, use your shoes to stuff with socks

4. Organise things using zip lock bags

5. Make sure your luggage is recognisable, or attach a tag that helps it stand out

6. Roll, don’t fold! You’ll save on space and won’t need to iron a thing

7. Pop breakables into socks – you’ll reduce the risk of them breaking and save on space

8. Take travel-sized beauty products, or transfer the product into a smaller container / tube

9. Prevent any pressed powder compacts from shattering (the worst!) by putting a cotton pad between the powder and the lid

10. Pack heavier items towards the wheels of a suitcase, or the bottom of a backpack


What are your packing tricks?