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Spring clean your beauty routine

Spring is officially here, and after what feels like the longest winter ever, we’re welcoming the warmer weather with open arms.

Spring is a season of throwing out the old and introducing the new, and we think this should also apply to your beauty routine. Did you know that make-up expires? All of us are guilty of holding on to products just that bit too long, however if you think about it, old makeup is not hygienic. Bacteria thrives in dark, damp places which means that makeup bottles and tubes are  heaven for micro-organisms.

The expiration on a product starts the moment you open it. It doesn’t matter how little you use it, once it is open the clock is ticking. If you’ve got so much makeup you can’t remember when you bought what, it’s a good idea to label them with the date it was opened. However, we think when in doubt, it’s probably time to buy a new one.

To keep your products as fresh as possible we recommend being mindful of how you’re handling them. Ensure you replace all lids and caps securely after use, and keep them stored away from direct sunlight.

And you can use this guide to determine if you need to be giving your beauty routine a spring clean:

Mascara (liquid & gel)

3 to 4 months

Lip stick / Balm

One year

Liquid foundation

1 year

All powders (Blush, bronzer etc.)

2 years

 How do you clean up your beauty routine?