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Hydration is Key

As it cools down and the winds pick up, you may start to notice your skin feeling drier than usual.

Looking moisture in and tending to your skin during winter is crucial and these simple 3 tips can help.


1. Opt for a PH balancing body wash rather than Soap

Who doesn't love a good lathering, bubbles everywhere and not a care in the world, but did you know you're only further drying out your skin? Standard soaps are well known to change your skins pH levels, obliterate healthy bacteria, and stripping away vital oils. The sebamed 2 in 1 face and body liquid wash is great for balancing your skins pH levels and keeping the moisture in.


2. Build a barrier

Not many people know this, but moisturiser is designed to build a barrier for your skin to keep all that good hydration in. The sebamed Moisturising Body Lotion helps nourish and preserve the natural moisture balance of the skin. It is naturally cooling and calming and readily absorbed without residue. 


3. Maintain your H2O

We constantly hear drink water, but how often do we forget? A good way to remember is to set a reminder in your phone and don't forget to remind your friends to hydrate!