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Get Ready to Partayyyyy

Foundations that flourish

Taking it back to basics with well-nourished skin and hair. It’s easy to look good when you’re working with a balanced canvas. Smooth lips come in the form of Purple tree miracle balm easy to use, handy to have in your clutch and not to mention delicious! Soft nourished lips make any lipstick glide on like a dream. The lightweight Sun Bum Sea Spray  will give your hair just the right amount of volume with a matte finish hold, while enhancing strand separation and definition, It'll help block the effects of frizz-causing humidity, leaving you with lush locks.

It’s time to long time love your skin, sebamed’s liquid face and body wash is soap-free and has a pH value of 5.5 for the maintenance of moisture balance in your skin and is perfect for sensitive skin. Couple this with sebamed’s moisturizing body lotion as part of your daily routine and you’re on your way to healthier, more nourished skin.


Silky smooth and in the Groove

Applying your favourite makeup is a breeze when your skin is smooth as silk, we recommend Andrea Gentle Hair Remover For Face to say no to the mo and smooth out and unwanted facial hair and keep your lady garden party ready with Andrea Brazilian Wax.


Lead with your lashes.

A lady’s lashes are never a joke and just like all the beautiful ladies out there our Ardell lash range comes in a multitude of beautiful lengths and thickness. For a super glamorous lash to pair with a hot smoky eye our Ardell Mega Volume Lash 252 will give you that va.. va.. va.. VOOM! For a lighter lift and barely there beauty the Ardell Natural Lashes 120 Demi Black will work perfect with a casual glam eye look. We’re picturing soft browns, bronzes and golds – topped off with a wicked wing perfect for day or night, or day to night, we don’t judge. Maybe, your not DTF (Down to False Lash) well if that’s the case never fear mega volume is still possible with the range of Ardell Mascara’s sure to set your lashes to STUNNING.

Bow to the Brow
What perfect lash would be complete without its partner in crime, a pair of beautiful brows. From powders to pencils to pomades, Ardell puts the PPPerfection into Brows. The Ardell Complete Brow Defining Kit keeps your brows bow worthy! We take ours wherever we go, it’s super easy to use and has everything you need in the one little kit. The eyes are the window to the soul and the Ardell products make our hearts and eyes flutter!


Bronzed for the Gods

Sustain, maintain or simple wear and wash. Whatever your tanning requirements are, you can’t go passed the Bondi Sands range. We are living for Bondi Sands Glo Shimmer One Day Tan, the perfect product for you to slay night and day with a lustrous glow. It you’re not a shimmer and shine girl and just want a really even beautiful tan everyday you can’t go past Bondi Sands Self Tan Foam Dark a super easy to put on natural tan, just simply squirt and apply in a circle motion to minimise streaking. We recommend using a tanning mitt to minimise the mess and avoid icky orange hands! Some other handy hints when tanning include, exfoliating prior to tanning to maximise tan smoothness and longevity. We also recommend moisturising to keep your tan fresh, but we know you all moisturise anyway! Hydration is the base of beauty! For a LLL-Lush finish, Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Oil will leave your skin will be touch dry and perfectly golden in seconds.


A Spritz and A Spray to Get You on Your Way

You’re looking a million bucks and just need one more touch! A spritz and spray to make you smell ultra-delicious. So…? Fragrances boast a fun and flirty range to get you smelling good enough to eat. We have a range of scents to select from and believe your selection should be as unique as you are! Don’t forget to check out our post on fragrance layering it’s a great way to keep your scent fresh all day and to create smells unique to you!


Now you are preened to perfection and we can’t wait to see you out about looking your best!