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Ardell’s newest lashes

Ardell’s newest lashes

Lashes gone luxe. Your favourite Ardell lashes are now available in Faux Mink! The best-selling Wispie lash has just been released in Faux Mink – introducing Faux Mink Wispies and Faux Mink Demi Wispies.

The new Faux Mink Wispies and Demi Wispies feature super-soft, fine, tapered tips with a delicate curl. Both lashes feature the knot-free, invisiband for a seamless look and comfortable wear.

How to wear the new Faux Mink:

1. Check fit.

Align band with your natural lash line to check fit. If necessary trim the excess with small scissors.

2. Apply adhesive

Apply a thin line of Duo Adhesive along the band. Wait 30 seconds for it to set.

3. Apply to your lash

Seure lash band be pressing onto your lash line.