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5 in-flight beauty essentials

Skipping out on autumn and already chasing the sun? Before you board the flight, here are your 5 in-flight beauty essentials:

1. Purple Tree Multipurpose Balm

This small balm is the perfect addition to your carry-on baggage, as it has so many uses and benefits. It can be used to moisturise skin, soothe bug bites, provide relief from minor cuts, relieve sun burn, and much more. The range offers 5 different balms, each focused on a superfood, so you can choose what suits you and your needs. 

2. sebamed Clear Face Care Gel

The sebamed Clear Face Care Gel will keep your skin feeling hydrated and glowing, plus it protects against pimples and blackheads. The gel also contains aloe vera to soothe irritated skin.

3. Clinelle Hydra Calm Blemish Clear

Sometimes you just can’t prevent a blemish from appearing, and you don’t want to start your holiday with a pimple. Clinelle’s Hydra Calm Blemish Clear will visibly fade your spot without drying out the skin around it.

4. So..? Kiss Me 30ml EDT

Quickly freshen up before you disembark with the So..? Kiss Me 30ml EDT. One spritz will have you feeling and smelling sweet.

5. Ardell Complete Brow Defining Kit

Step off the plane looking polished with the Ardell Complete Brow Defining Kit. This kit is easy-to-carry and can be used to sculpt brows, and add a pop of highlight to your face. Plus, the kit includes a mirror which means you don’t have to get ready cramped in the plane toilet.


What are your must-haves for a flight?