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We’ve all heard from a young age how important sunscreen is for the overall health and appearance of your skin. Don’t forget the messages drilled in to slip…slop…slap… Sunscreen should be an integral addition to your daily skincare regime especially in this beautiful sun-kissed country that is Australia and without it, you are exposing the sensitive skin on your face to unnecessary damage from sun exposure.

Keep It Even

Sun Damage is one of the big causes for uneven skin tone and adding an SPF into your skincare can help to prevent those effects. Helping to keep you beautiful complexion even.

Sun Protection

Even the mildest of sunburns can have damaging effects so it is important to protect your skin. Sunscreen protects your skin against harmful UV rays minimising the damaging effects they can have.

Minimise Premature Aging

Who doesn’t want that glowing, healthy and youthful skin? We know we do! However did you know that overexposure to harmful UV rays can increase fine lines and wrinkles appearing on your skin? Using a daily sunscreen can help protect your skin from the harsh rays and minimise premature aging.

Skin Cancer Minimisation

There’s a reason why slip…slop… slap… was such a prominent slogan. Sunscreen is very effective in reducing the risk of developing a variety of skin cancers, especially melanoma. This type of skin cancer is known to be extremely aggressive and can be life-threatening for many women, particularly those in their 20s.

Healthy Skin Overall

Essential proteins in the skin like keratin are protected when sunscreen is applied. These proteins are primarily responsible for keeping the skin smooth and healthy both in appearance and function.