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Sweat-proof beauty

Sweat-proof beauty

We’re sure you’ve all struggled with make-up that just won’t stay put, and can relate to that feeling of coming home after a long day wondering why you don’t look the same as when you left. As our lives just continue to become busier, something we don’t have time to waste on is re-applying makeup throughout the day. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips and tricks you can use to sweat-proof your look.


Ever noticed at the end of the day how your makeup sets into the fine lines in your face? It’s important to start any look with a hydrated base, providing an even area to apply makeup.


The best tip we can share to keep your makeup in place is to use a primer. A primer will provide an excellent base for your foundation, allowing it to stick to your skin, and absorb any excess oil.

Layer your makeup

We recommend applying your makeup in light layers, using both liquid foundation and a clear powder to set. Don’t forget to set your T-zone, as this area is especially prone to oiliness.

Setting spray

No look is complete without a makeup setting spray, as it helps to ‘set’ your makeup for the day. Plus, it helps to safeguard your makeup against humidity, heat and prevent oil production. 

Dry shampoo

Now that you’ve nailed your sweat-proof look, don’t forget about your hair! Dry shampoo will refresh and transform your hair without the need for water – so it’s perfect when you don’t have time for a shower after a workout.


Do you have any tips to share on how you sweat proof your beauty?