Waxing is one of our favourite ways to get hair-free – it removes hair from the root so it grows back slower and gives you a wonderfully smooth result. But like most steps in your beauty routine, there’s a trick to getting it right. Here are our go-to tips for waxing like a pro.

Pre-hair removal tips

Tip 1. Have a warm shower beforehand to soften and clean the skin and open the pores.

Tip 2. Exfoliating can help reveal the hair so it’s easier for the wax to grab hold of. Exfoliate a day or two before your wax, but not the day of. You don’t want to cause any unnecessary irritation or sensitivity.

Tip 3. You need at least two weeks of growth for wax to have something to grip to, and to minimise pain and skin irritation.

Tip 4. Lather on the moisturiser in the days leading up to waxing, but skip it on the day of; it could form a barrier that prevents wax from properly adhering to the hairs.

Good to know: You should never wax after recently consuming alcohol or coffee. Alcohol has been found to tighten pores, which makes the waxing process more painful, while coffee increases your sensitivity.

Post-hair removal tips

Tip 1. Much like you’d treat sunburn, have an aloe vera gel like Sun Bum Cool Down Aloe Gel on hand to relieve skin post-wax. The gel-formula will have a cooling effect on the affected area (hint: leave it in the fridge for an even more soothing sensation) while aloe’s calming qualities help heal irritation. A hair removal product like Andrea Roll On Hair Remover, which also contains aloe vera (as well as honey extracts for antibacterial protection), is another great choice for soothing skin while you wax.

Tip 2. After waxing your pores are left open and your skin is more delicate so continue to keep the waxed areas as clean as possible to avoid infection.

Tip 3. Stay out of the sun for the next few days (Sun Bum SPF 30 Lotion protects against UVA/UVB rays while enriching your skin with Vitamin E). Skin is sensitive and needs time to naturally repair itself.