Blame it on the heat: while you’re roasting under the summer sun, the heat and humidity are working together to cause your skin to intensify oil production. If you don’t keep your skin clean, you could end up with breakouts. The easiest solution – a strict skincare routine. If you regularly cleanse and moisturise morning and night, and use an exfoliator twice a week, you’ll be well on your way to clear, radiant skin.

TOP TIP: While you may want to keep your skin squeaky clean to ensure oiliness stays at bay, skin is also prone to sensitivity in summer so opt for a mild cleanser like Transformulas Marine Miracle Glycol Cleanser.

Sun burn

This one is inevitable – as diligent as you are at applying and reapplying sunscreen, you’re likely to experience a spot or two of sunburn throughout summer. When this happens, aloe vera is the best ingredient around to sooth the sting and repair and rehydrate skin for a speedy recovery. We love Sun Bum Cool Down Aloe Gelhint: store it in the fridge for an extra cold hit when you slather it on.

Dry skin

So while you’re battling oil and breakouts, often along your T-zone, the rest of your complexion may be feeling extra dry. Or maybe you ignored our tip above and used a harsh cleanser, causing your skin to tip the scale the other way and end up flaky and dry. In the morning, apply a moisturiser like Puretopia Instant Daily Face Moisturiser that has SPF 15 sun protection. Overnight, hit skin with hyaluronic acid-rich indeed labs hydraluron, which increases skin's hydration level while you get your beauty sleep – we love hyaluronic acid-rich indeed labs hydraluron,

Razor burn

Skin can be extra sensitive in summer due to the high temperatures, chaffing and sweat mixing with the ingredients in your skincare products. One area that suffers the most is your bikini line – with the area on show more often comes more regular shaving and more nicks and friction. Swap your razor for a depilatory cream like Andrea Roll On Hair Remover - the sensitive skin formula dissolves the hairs so they can be wiped away, and also contains soothing aloe vera and antibacterial honey extracts to leave the area clean, calm and free from red bumps.