Oh beauty, you offer such a rollercoaster of emotions! Don’t worry, you’re not alone: These are the good and the bad thoughts that pass through our minds just about every time we shop for new beauty products. Come on, we know we’re not alone in thinking these!

1. It’s funny how this little tube of mascara can make me so happy.
2. I’m only spending $30.
3. But I need this too… ok $50 is my budget and that’s it.
4. Do I really need another brow product? Yes, yes I do.
5. I own way too much makeup for only having one face.
6. Hmm, this colour washes me out – must be the lighting in here. I’m sure it will look better under natural light…and when I get a tan.
7. I know this nail polish colour is similar to my other one, but it is a little brighter so it will be perfect as my summer go-to pink shade. The other one is definitely more autumn appropriate.
8. Oops, guess I won’t be eating this week!
9. I’m only going to buy one thing this time…
10. This is that product Kim Kardashian says she uses. I need this!
11. Hmm, I only really like one shade in this palette. But if I get this eyeshadow quad instead of individual shades I get three more eyeshadows practically for free.
12. I have some time to kill, I’ll just pop in to look at the pretty palettes… [three hours later…]
13. I swear someone famous once said you can never have too many lipsticks. Or was that Pinterest?!
14. I know this anti-ageing cream is expensive, but imagine the money I’ll save on makeup when I have no wrinkles to cover up.
15. Ooh I wonder what shade lippie she’s wearing. Is it weird if I go up and ask her?!
16. That packaging is soooo pretty – it will look so good on my dresser.
17. Should I get a foundation brush, a powder brush, or a Kabuki brush to blend my foundation?
18. If I buy the gift pack then I get the product I want, plus all these bonus products. It just makes financial sense.
19. You can never have too many cans of dry shampoo.
20. I don’t know how it does it, but makeup just makes me so happy!