One of the biggest beauty crazes of 2015 has been the Kylie Jenner lips - defined, plump lips… but how do we achieve a fuller yet natural look without the use of needles? Don’t rush off to get fillers, try award-winning Transformulas LipVolume instead! – Daniela from MissNewBeauty

Award winning Transformulas LipVolume is formulated with a powerful combination of moisturising and volumising ingredients to dramatically enhance lips without the use of needles! These work to increase long term plumpness and eliminate wrinkles. In clinical trials, 100% reported that the condition of their lips had visibly improved and 3D scans revealed actual lip size had increased by up to 40%. For Best Results: Apply 3 times a day for 30 days.

We let some beauties test it out for themselves and here is what they had to say!

Transformulas LipVolume Before & After

“As soon as I applied the clear, glossy balm on my lips, I felt a cooling, tingling sensation - all without the stinging other lip plumping products can cause. It’s so easy to apply - the doe-foot application picks up just the right amount of product and the balm just glides on. Twenty minutes passed and the tingling stopped; when I looked in the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised - my lips instantly looked smoother and plumper than before. I wasn’t expecting to see results almost immediately after the first use, so this totally blew me away.

What I really like about LipVolume is how comfortable and moisturising it is to wear. There is no stickiness or tackiness to the formula at all. My lips look rosier, healthier and hydrated. It doesn’t just offer volume, it also smoothes fine lines, which makes lipstick look extra nice!

Transformulas says LipVolume works over time to boost fullness by encouraging collagen synthesis and hydrating your lips. It contains beeswax, which soothes and softens; vitamin E3, which has anti-inflammatory and healing properties; and cera alba, which helps produce collagen.

Final thoughts: Admittedly, I was a little skeptical at first, but I’m so pleased I tried Transformulas LipVolume. If you’re wanting fuller, more defined lips that still look natural - all without the use of needles - then give this product a go!” - Daniella from MissNewBeauty

Transformulas LipVolume Before and After

“Opens and applies like a lip gloss and has a pleasant yummy scent of mint or toothpaste even, makes me feel fresher instantly. Glides on smoothly and doesn’t give me dry or tight lips at all. A few minutes later, it feels absolutely no different to a regular lip gloss other than the fact I feel a slight painless tingle every now and then. Oh and the tube is so pretty sitting on my work desk.

After 5 days, this is my before and after – imagine using this for the directed full 30 days! Both shots are taken with no other lip products other than Trasformulas and un-edited. I’m off to apply some lippie and take advantage of these babies!” – Emily Dick from WhyHelloBeauty

"The packaging claims that it’ll give you plumber lips without injections and I’ll admit I was a little bit cynical, until my lips were blessed with this silver tube of happiness.

Pros:  Brush it on, and sure enough, there is that tingling, minty, heated feeling that only means one thing,’ ITS PLUMPING TIME!!’  It feels like a balm and looks like a gloss which gives you a deeper hydration – say goodbye to dry, chapped lips.  Smoothing out lines and working as a great lip primer.  The secret weapon to my perfect bold lip.

Cons: Why doesn’t it come in a bigger size?

Verdict: This is the real deal and at an affordable price. It’s safe to say that I’m addicted."  Samantha Lee

Daniela - MissNewBeauty

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Emily - WhyHelloBeauty

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Samantha Lee

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