Puretopia is an Australian natural skincare brand. All their products are free from parabens and sulfates, use only ethically sourced ingredients and there’s no animal testing whatsoever.

There’s a lot to love in the range but these are my top picks that I can’t live without and would confidently recommend these to my family and friends.

Puretopia body polish

Glowingly Smooth Body Polish:
This is the best body scrub I’ve ever used. It’s has Amazonian Acai berry and Guarana to stimulate and detoxify your skin with a wonderful invigorating scent. It’s packed with walnut shell which is an amazing gentle but effective exfoliant so you can actually feel it scrubbing away the dead skin. My skin feels ridiculously smooth and soft after using this, hands down my favourite from the range.

Puretopia shampoo and conditioner

Sensitive Care Shampoo & Conditioner:
Puretopia also does haircare! These are sulphate free so they don’t foam up like regular shampoos but they still leave my hair feeling clean and fresh without irritating my scalp. Also unlike other shampoos, they don’t leave a build up and they actually help to remove any build up left by your previous shampoo. At first your hair might feel a bit dry and straw like at the ends but after a few more uses, your will balance itself out, becoming stronger and healthier.

Puretopia hair mask

Pure Treatment Hair Mask:
This has argan, macadamia and almond oils in it to condition your hair. Once a week after shampooing, I’ll slather this onto the mid-lengths of my hair, clip it up and leave in for 10 minutes while I go about the rest of my routine. It rinses out pretty easily but my hair feels smoother and softer after. It’s silicone free with sunflower oil to protect your hair against heat styling.

Whisk Away Creamy Cleanser:
I always start my mornings with this smooth creamy cleanser that gently whisks away the excess oil and grime without stripping it raw and dry. It’s loaded with skin loving ingredients such as Shea Butter, Olives and Rosehip to nourish your skin. It won’t remove heavy duty waterproof makeup though so best use a good makeup remover first.

Purify & Revive Clay Mask:
Once a week I like to do a deeper cleanse with the Purify & Revive Clay Mask. It’s thinner and runnier than most clay masks so when you apply it, you apply the thinnest layer possible. As it sets and hardens, it draws all the impurities from your pores out to the surface and when you wash it away, you skin feels so soft and clean. Definitely follow it up with the Sleep & Renew moisturiser.