Hair frizz can be due to a number of reasons – sun damage, heat damage and unfortunately some of us are just more prone to it! Read on to learn our tips + tricks in fighting frizzy hair. 

Cut back on the blow-dry

Applying heat to your hair regularly is causing the damage that leads to frizz.  Whilst you may enjoy keeping your locks looking polished with a daily blow-dry, cutting down on your exposure to heat will lessen the frizz.

Treat yourself

The quickest way in combating hair frizz is to apply a treatment. We recommend Sun Bum’s 3 in 1 Leave in Treatment. This spray is easily applied to damaged locks and prevents your hair from becoming dry, brittle, frizzy and discoloured.

Protect from the sun

Did you know that your head can get sunburnt? And a sunburnt scalp, can be a cause of frizzy hair. Fight sunburn before it happens by using Sun Bum’s Sea Spray to shield your locks from damaging UV rays. Your hair will be protected from the elements, including frizz-causing humidity. 


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