Have you ever been getting ready for a big night out, only to look in the mirror and notice a pimple? It’s happened to all of us. Luckily a spot doesn’t need to ruin your night out, these quick tips will help you fight the breakout fast!


About an hour before you head out, use an ice cube directly on the affected area to soothe inflammation and reduce any redness.


Apply a spot gel to soothe the imperfection and fight the pimple-causing bacteria. We recommend Clinelle’s Blemish Clear Gel, or sebamed’s Anti Pimple Gel – which is also available in a tinted gel to cover the spot.


Use a concealer to hide the imperfection, and help in reducing redness. We also recommend going with a smoky eye, or fluttering falsies to draw attention away from the imperfection and to your eyes.


Beauty HQ Tip: Don’t forget to properly cleanse, exfoliate and moisture once you arrive home! Falling asleep with your makeup on will only further aggravate the spot, and delay the healing process. 


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