Brows are such tricky territory in any woman’s beauty routine, but considering they’re so important for framing your facial features it pays to get them right. If you’re still a little unsure about how to shape and maintain your brows, take note. Here are the answers to your top questions.

Is there one brow shape that suits everyone?

It’s safe to say that when we think of good brows, most of us think of Cara Delevingne. They’re big, full and always perfectly manicured. But are they the brows for you? Unfortunately, not everyone’s face shape suits this style, not to mention some of us simply aren’t blessed with naturally thick brows. Forget what others have and work with what you have. Here’s a quick overview of the best brow shape for you, according to your face shape:

Square face – pair a strong jawline with an equally strong and angular bold brow

Oval face – since your face is long, a thicker brow will draw attention to the eye area. Also, try a longer brow length

Round face – give your curved features some structure with a sharply angled eyebrow

Heart-shaped face – Since you already have a strong angle at the chin, opt for a low, straight-ish brow shape

How do you determine where the arch should be?

While every face shape is different, when it comes to determining the perfect arch for you, the formula is always the same. Firstly, the start of your brow should align with the arch of your nose. Then, your brow’s arch should be in line with the outer edge of your pupil, and the end of your brow should line up in a 45-degree angle from the outer corner of your eye. The thickness and sharpness of the angle at your arch depends on what you’ve naturally been blessed with, and what suits your face shape.

What should you do if you’ve over-plucked your brows?

First things first, step away from the tweezers and wax. While you wait for the hairs to start to grow back (sadly it’s a slow process!), you can use brow products to help fill them in and rebuild thickness. As little stray hairs pop up, resist the urge to pluck them (unless they’re well outside the lines of your desired brow shape) and instead use your eyebrow products around them to fake your dream shape.

What’s the difference between a brow pencil, wax and powder?

And don’t forget brow fiber, too! Yes, there are a lot of brow products out there, but they all have their roles to play. A brow pencil will help you fill in and refine your brows. The tapered tip helps get your hair-like strokes to the right thickness, intensity and length. If your brows are particularly sparse or light, a brow powder will help create depth and shadows for a full effect. Using an angled brush to apply your powder is key to getting the coverage right. For a bolder look, go for an all-in-one pomade which combines the benefits of powder, pencil and gel for luxurious colour and sculpture. Finally, a brow fiber is your go-to for amping up the thickness and setting your brows in place.

Your ultimate brow toolkit:

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Ardell Brow Fiber

Ardell Brow Pomade

Ardell Brow Defining Powder (with a bonus angled brush!)