Beauty products are clever little things. They can reshape your face, give you the cheekbones you never knew you had, make your eyes pop, and oh so much more. Some of them are so hard-working they deliver in more ways than one. These are the double duty products you need – just think of the money you’ll save by buying less products and how much you can declutter your overflowing beauty kit!

Dry shampoo

This can of magic powder has already saved you on many a lazy day when you couldn’t be bothered to wash your hair; and the good news doesn’t stop there. Dry shampoo can give your hair grip, texture and volume when styling, plus if you pick one with colour like Polished London Blighty Brunette Dry Shampoo, it can disguise your regrowth temporarily, too

Lip balm

Where do we begin? Your little tube of balm knows no bounds: it can be used to nourish your cuticles, highlight your cheeks and brow bones, groom stray brow hairs, be mixed in with your eyeshadow to make an eye gloss, and it can even clean up your eye makeup (just dab some on a Q-tip and wipe away the fallout). Our pick – Sun Bum SPF 15 Lip Balm Coconut, the scent makes slathering yourself in it a tropical dream!

Body lotion

Put your body lotion to work in your beauty routine – rub a small amount between your palms and smooth over your hair to tame flyaways. You can also combine your moisturiser with brown sugar granules for your own body scrub, or use it as a makeshift shaving cream when you run out.

Brow pencil

A brown brow pencil doubles as the perfect daytime eyeliner – it’s not too dark but will still make your eyes pop. The blendable matte formula of a brow pencil also makes it a breeze to work with. You can even draw it across the entire lid in place of eyeshadow. The spoolie end on Ardell’s Brow Pencil offers the added bonus of doubling as a brush to evenly spread your mascara across all lashes.