You would have seen the words EDP and EDT when buying a new fragrance - but do you actually know what these phrases are, and what the difference is? If not, don’t worry – you’re not the only one! We’ve broken it down for you below …

The name

What does EDP and EDT actually stand for?

An EDT is a ‘eau de toilette’ and an EDP is a ‘eau de parfum.’

The meaning

The meaning behind these names is referring to the concentration of fragrance. A high concentration means that there are more perfume oils, and less alcohol.

The name of a fragrance, whether it be an EDT or EDP, is important to take note of as it can be an indicator of the intensity, price, and how long the actual scent will last.

The difference

Basically, an EDP is a stronger perfume than a EDT.

An EDT has a fragrance concentration of between 4 to 10%. An EDP has a fragrance concentration of between 8 to 15%, and the scent will generally last longer.

Our favourite EDP’s:

Britney Spears, Believe 100ml

DKNY, Be Delicious 100ml

Elizabeth Arden, 5th Avenue

Our favourite EDT’s:

Always Red 100ml

Giorgio, Beverly Hills 90ml

So…? Kiss Me 30ml