Sometimes life gets in the way of us looking our A-game. Stress leads to breakouts, lack of time means you need to cut corners in your beauty routine (sorry contouring, ain’t nobody got time for that!), and the signs of ageing are amplified because you didn’t get enough sleep last night…again. But, not all is lost. You can be busy and look your best, too. With the right set of products, here’s how you can fake a flawless face in no time.

If you want: your eyes to look bright and well-rested

You need:  Indeed labs eysilix

When late nights get the better of you, and your eyes become a dead giveaway of a busy social life, reach for this cream. It will instantly perk up your peepers and disguise signs of fatigue. The particularly great thing about this product is that while it gives you the right-now results you want, it also delivers long term benefits. The instant wins include a lifted look and more awake eyes with signs of stress and tiredness faded, while with extended use you’ll reap the rewards of less visible dark circles, reduced puffiness, diminished fine lines and wrinkles.

If you want: to erase the appearance of fine lines around the eyes

You need:  Tranformulas Eye Lifting Gel

If the signs of ageing are giving you more grief than the odd telltale of a lack of sleep (although it does fix that, too), try this eye gel. Like an eyelift in a tube, the formula is enriched with peptides, antioxidants and plant extract to give you the look of youthful eyes and smoothed fine lines and wrinkles once applied. Plus, the more you use it the more permanent your results will be.

If you want: to make imperfect skin look perfect

You need:  Indeed labs nanoblur

We know you’re busy, but we have a feeling you can spare 40 seconds. Which is good, because that’s all you need to see the effects of this clear primer-like product. The clear gel helps smooth and mattify your skin while also reducing redness and the appearance of wrinkles and pores, giving your complexion a blurred, soft focus effect in a flash. Kind of like an Instagram filter! It works best on bare skin when you’re having a no makeup day, or worn over your foundation. Just remember to pat it into skin – if you blend it in too much you won’t see the optimal results.

If you want: a plumper pout

You need:  Transformulas Lip Volume

Have you always dreamed of fuller lips but can’t bring yourself to go down the Filler route? Don’t have the time to masterfully contour your lips with a lip pencil every morning? You’ll be happy to know you don’t have to do either. This lip plumping gel increases the volume of your lips in one swipe, all while dousing it in a deeply hydrating formula for soft lips. Once applied, the tinging formula works to enhance the curves of your lips and coat them in an irresistible glossy sheen that also adds to the fuller-looking effect.