Yes, Yes I know I have raved about this a lot in the last year or so, but I am back to rave about it again. That is what happens when you come across a product you love.. right?
What is is?

Indeed Labs Nanoblur - The original blurring cream
How to use it

The fun thing about this product as it can be worn without, applied under, mixed with or over makeup! It is an incredibly unique product and very versatile which is why I like it. 
Another fun  fact that I discovered is that it can also be mixed in with other moisturisers for drier skin types or a dewier look. 
How I use it

I mix the Nanoblur into my moisturiser as my skin is incredibly dry due to the change in weather recently, this creates a flawless, almost HD base for my makeup and it completely softens the look of any of my fine lines and wrinkles (I'm talking about those smile lines ladies). 
More feedback

I love this product so much for a flawless looking face, I actually introduced my dad to it and gave him one of my (many) tubes. This product is colourless and therefore it is ideal for both men and women. My dad has had years of damage done to his skin from being on an Aircraft Carrier flight deck in hours of sun, wind and rain in the middle of the ocean for the majority of his life. This product COMPLETELY changed his outlook on 'using creams' and he loves how it reduces the appearance of his fine lines and wrinkles. 
I would recommend this product to people of all ages, even though it claims to be a product marketed at the older generation. It really does give your face an HD effect, it's perfect to use before taking the perfect selfie!