As much as we all want to, we can’t always afford to splash out on the big-name designer beauty brands. So, next time you’re feeling a little cash-poor, remember these tips when wanting to save, but still look your best.

Dual purpose products

Products that have a dual purpose are ideal when trying to save money – simply because instead of buying two products, you only need to buy one!

We’re currently loving the Ardell Pro Brow Defining Kit.This kit is more of a 3-in-one as it can be used to fill and groom your brows and also highlight and accentuate your eyes. Bargain!

Another fav of ours is the Bondi Sands Dual Action Exfoliating Mitt. This product allows you to prepare your skin for a flawless, streak-free golden tan and doubles as an exfoliator, working to remove dead skin cells and tan residue.

DIY treatment

Save money on the trips to the beautician by giving yourself an at-home treatment. Products like Transformulas Marine Miracle Eye Serum is a powerful, yet lightweight serum, that can be used at night to lift, revitalise and brighten dull and lacklustre skin around the eyes.

Keep it simple

Your skin doesn’t need an overload of products to keep it looking its best. In terms of skincare, if you’re cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising – you’re doing a good job. There really isn’t a need for 5 types of serums and treatments. Pick a couple of products that work best for you, and stick with them. Keep in mind that you may need to swap these products around depending on the season and the condition of your skin.

The same goes for your beauty routine. As much as we would all like an endless supply of make-up, you only need a couple products to achieve a beautiful look. 

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