There are countless blur creams on the market now but did you know that Nanoblur is the first and original blur cream? It's an instant skin perfector developed to provide HD ready skin in seconds using light diffusing technology.

It's not just limited to the face either. If you're a beauty blogger and constantly snapping pics of your new nail polish, lipstick or any swatch photos, nanoblur may just be your secret weapon for flawless, airbrushed looking photos every time without having to post edit.

Let's look at nail polish for example. Even if you're not using a dslr, your phone camera can also pick up some amazing detail including those fine lines on your hands. 

Just apply a bit of nanoblur to your hands prior and in 40 seconds, you'll have flawless, camera ready hands.

nanoblur sally hansen all chalked up swatch


nanoblur sally hansen all chalked up swatch

- Beauty HQ x