If you want big, beautiful eyes, fake it with falsies. These are the steps to help you master the technique, once and for all.

You’ll need…

-          Tweezers or a custom applicator 

-          Your perfect pair of lashes 

-          A good quality adhesive 


STEP 1: Remove with care  

Start by choosing a style that suits your eye shape. As a rule, downturned eyes look great with longer lashes on the outer edge, whereas hooded eyes are best with short lashes. If you have wide set eyes, go for slightly longer lashes in the centre, and close set eyes, try longer lashes on the outer corners.

Next, use tweezers to gently remove the lashes from the tray – this helps prevent pulling out lashes or damaging the lash strip.

STEP 2: Measure and trim

As your eyes are naturally curved, so should your false lashes. Wrap the lash band around your finger or the base of a makeup brush for ten seconds and release. This will give you a natural, better fitting curve. Now, to get the right fit, hold the strip against your lash line. It should start about a quarter-inch in from the inner corner of your eye. Too long? Cut away the excess, make sure it's from the inner corner.

STEP 3: Line the lash band with glue

Next up is applying the glue to your lashes. Simply dot a small amount of glue along the strip. If you put too much, blow on it to let it dry a little bit. You want to make sure the glue is a bit tacky before you put it along your lash line – generally, it takes around a minute to dry.

 STEP 4: Apply,   set and hold

 Now for the game-changer. Always, we repeat, ALWAYS use a lash applicator. It makes application a breeze. Using the applicator, carefully place on your lash line and wiggle it to put it in place. You want it to sit exactly on your lash line and not above. Use your fingers to apply pressure against the band to sit as tight against your lash line as possible. Next, softly pinch the falsies against your lashes to help blend them and give them a minute to set. Finish with a coat of mascara and you’re glam and ready to go!