Just roll on and wipe off, it's that simple!

Hair removal creams are a popular method of hair removal as they are pain free and give great results but it just got even better, introducting Andrea Roll-on Hair Remover. This cream comes in a handy little dispenser with a roll-on applicator. You just roll it over your legs to apply the cream, leave it for up to 8 minutes and then wipe and rinse off.

Andrea Roll-on Hair Remover was created using a new revolutionary formula that allows the depilatory cream to glide on effortlessly, allowing for a mess-free application on legs, arms and bikini area. The sensitive skin formula has been designed to work on coarse and hard to remove hair while providing a moisturizing and soothing effecting using Aloe Vera and Honey extracts

andrea roll on hair remover skincareblogger

Sian Maggs from @skincareblogger tried it out for herself and shares her thoughts:

"Based on my experience, it is by far the most effective hair remover on the market,  in my opinion. When you follow the directions precisely, there is virtually no redness or skin irritation. The directions say to leave it on for 8 minutes, and I'd stick to that otherwise you could irritate your skin , but with my experience I only needed to leave it on for 6 minutes . It's fairly easy to remove, just a damp cloth is enough to wipe away the excess removal cream, and if you wish, you can apply a small amount of the soothing cream after the removal process. This treatment is easy, saves time and cost effective, it's also great that I can do this in the privacy of my own home, without feeling awkward or uncomfortable in front of a beautician." - @skincareblogger

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