Spring racing season has begun, which means it’s time to frock up and get glamorous. Not only is the races one of the few days where it’s cool to wear a hat, it’s also a time to dress to the nines both with your fashion and your makeup. If you want to win in the style stakes, follow these steps with your spring racing beauty prep.

Sweat-proof fake tan

Yes, instant tanning lotions are a lifesaver when you haven’t had time in the lead up to your big event to build the perfect glow, but an instant tan also has a greater chance of sliding off when you start sweating in the summer heat. To be safe, it’s best to start applying a fake tan like Bondi Sands Self Tan Foam at least a few days ahead of time. Not only will it better sink in for a melt-free finish, you’ll also have time to build the colour to the tone you want.


It doesn’t matter how big your hat’s brim is, or how much time you spend beside the bar away of the sun; sunscreen is a MUST on race day. Even if it’s cloudy, you’ll always get stung. To give yourself the best protection, go for the highest SPF protection you can get your hands on, like Sun Bum SPF 50+ Lotion.


A day at the races is more like a marathon than a sprint. Your makeup needs to be in it for the long haul. Firstly, a primer will help your makeup stay put. Next, smooth wrinkles and add a mattified base to beat shine throughout the day with Nanoblur. It’s not a primer, but it does give skin an airbrushed finish, softens appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and diffuses the appearance of enlarged pores and shine!


If you’re not going to wear a full flutter of lashes to the races, when are you? While we are big advocates for false lashes being worn daily, special occasion such as the races when you get dolled up to the max are a must occasion for them. They’ll make your eyes pop under your fascinator and will elevate your look. We love the long, curled and dramatic look of Ardell Glamour Lashes 103.

A floral fragrance

Before you walk out the door, make sure you spritz on a delicate perfume with fresh floral notes. It will complete your look, suit the occasion, and get you noticed for all the right reasons. We love DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom EDP for its playful fruity top notes that dry down to a rose and jasmine finish.


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