When it comes to hair removal, there’s one thing we can all agree on: we want the hair gone, stat. But should you shave or wax? Use a depilatory cream or bleach? While shaving may be most people’s go-to, there are other hair removal options that offer great benefits, too. Here’s what to love about the lesser known hair removal techniques so you can choose the one that’s right for you.


This form of hair removal involves using wax strips to essentially rip out the hairs from the root, as opposed to shaving which simply cuts the hair at the skin’s surface. Remove your wax strips in the opposite direction to the hair growth to ensure you remove the hairs from the root. 

Benefits: Hair grows back softer and slower. Because you’re removing the hair from the root, you will get an average of three weeks of smooth skin. It is suitable for body and face, but you should only use a wax specially formulated for the face on the more-sensitive area. For a Brazilian wax, look for a formula that’s strong enough to remove the coarse hairs, but is gentle enough to nurture the sensitive area.

We love…  Andrea Assorted Wax Strips for Face and Body because the strips are pre-waxed, which makes it quick, easy and mess-free to use. For a Brazilian wax, use Andrea Brazilian Wax – the included pre-epilation oil is a great bonus for conditioning and protecting the skin post-wax.

Depilatory cream

These types of formulas are hair removing creams that weaken the hairs to dissolve them so they can simply be wiped away from the follicle. Though they’re known for being notoriously pungent, these days, depilatory creams smell like tropical blends – or are fragrance free. 

Benefits: It’s a quick and pain-free option and is suitable for legs and underarms.

We love…  Andrea Roll On Hair Remover, which has added aloe and honey extracts to care for skin while you remove the hair. 


Afraid of stubbly regrowth? You could always bleach the hair to minimise its appearance. While it doesn’t technically remove hair, bleach fades the appearance of hairs on the body and face so they’re basically undetectable. 

Benefits: It’s pain-free and won’t leave behind any stubble, and is suitable for use on legs, arms, bikini line and the tummy area.

We love… How fast-acting Andrea Extra Strength Bleach for the Body is at disappearing the visibility of hair. Specifically formulated for sensitive skin, it can take as little as 10 minutes to work. Follow the instructions and you should avoid any irritation or redness.


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