Fancy making 2017 your most beautiful year yet? Commit to these simple New Year’s resolutions and you can say goodbye to breakouts, dryness and a whole lot more beauty heartache this year.

Find a signature scent

We're all for having a different fragrance for every mood, but a girl’s gotta have some stability in her life! A signature scent not only takes the guesswork out of what you'll spritz each morning, it's an accessory to your personality. If you have a classic sense of style, try Panache EDP; for those with a fun-loving spirit try Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers EDT or for something sweet yet luxurious spritz DKNY Golden Delicious.

Stop shaving your bikini line

Permanent red bumps around your bikini area aren't normal. But they are a common side effect of shaving. This year trade in your razor for waxing. You can do it less frequently and you can say goodbye to irritation. Keep a tub of Andrea Brazilian Wax on hand for whenever you need to fight the fuzz.

Slather on the sunscreen, each and every day

It only takes 21 days to form a habit, so if you slap on sunscreen after your moisturiser every morning it will quickly become an ingrained routine before January is even over. It's really that simple. We love the handy tube packaging of Sun Bum SPF 50 Original Zinc Oxide for everyday use.

Always wash off your makeup before bed

We’re sure you know the side effects of sleeping in your makeup (like clogged pores and breakouts, to name just a few). Make 2017 the year where you actually do something about it. The creamy formula of Puretopia Whisk Away Face Cleanser will leave skin clean while the addition  of natural oils will give you a soft, nourished after-feel.

Put down the tweezers

Guess what, the big brows trend isn't going anywhere this year. In fact, we'd bet money that thick brows will always be in vogue so it's time to get your brow game on point. Only reach for your tweezers to pluck strays and fill in any gaps with an eyebrow pencil or powder to give your natural shape extra definition. A brow kit like Ardell Complete Brow Defining Kit will ensure all your brow bases are covered.

Stop over-washing hair

Washing your hair too frequently strips your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry, frizzy and downright difficult to work with. Save yourself time every week by only washing your hair every third day (unless you've exercised, in which case you should wash your tresses to remove the sweat and dirt build-up) and reach for a dry shampoo like Polished London Bristol Bloom Dry Shampoo to refresh, de-grease and boost volume.

Don’t forget your décolletage

It's one of the most commonly forgotten areas in your skincare routine, and yet it's one of the first to spill secrets of your age. Each time you apply skin care products to your face, extend it down your neck and chest, too. It's that easy! Then to reverse the existing signs of ageing in the area, spread Transformulas Marine Miracle Cream over the area every night.