These three bloggers have one thing in common – a love of beauty! Skye Wheatley, Sapphiroula Pelecas and Jessie Khoo share their favourite products, tips and insider tricks.




Skye Wheatley Youtube 

Best beauty advice?  Beauty comes from within and always take your makeup off before bed.  Top tanning tip?   I avoid streaks by rubbing the product in quickly before it dries. A good mitt always helps too! And moisturise every day. Finally, sleep in dark sheets or wear dark clothes to avoid stains.  What beauty trend is in – and what’s out?!  Thick feathery brows are in and block eyebrow tattooing is OUT! 



Best beauty advice? My Mum always told me to invest in good products. Your daily skin routine consists of… Twice daily I pre-cleanse, cleanse, tone. And follow with a serum, moisturiser and eye cream. Top tanning tip? A big exfoliation beforehand and moisturise your elbows, palms and ankles. And always use a tanning mitt! Beauty HQ must-have? Transformulas Miracle Eye cream, any body products, plus ALL of Ardell's lashes!



Your daily skin routine consists of…  I use a gentle cleanser, morning and night and a daily moisturiser and serum to assist with skin regeneration and renewal. Once a week I will use a Glycolic scrub to exfoliate after I cleanse. Top tanning tip? Make sure to exfoliate before you tan! And not just on the day, but in the week leading to make sure any old tan is removed. I also apply with a mitt in circular motions and use a makeup brush for my hands, feet, elbows, knees and face for a more even looking tan in those tough areas. Best beauty advice? my mum told me never to sleep with makeup on because it makes your skin age, dry out and break out. She scared me so much that I have never gone to bed with makeup on to this day. What beauty trend is in – and what’s out?! Heavy thick dark makeup is out and natural dewy makeup that enhances your natural beauty is in. Beauty HQ must-have? I am dying to try the Ardell Brow Fiber! It looks so good!