Beauty HQ’s newest skincare range, Clinelle, is the simple yet effective skincare regime you’ve been looking for.

Clinelle works to protect all layers of your skin against dullness, fine lines and dryness. The range is free from parabens, artificial colourings and fragrance, making it safe and effective to use on all skin types, even the most sensitive.

The Clinelle HydraCalm range consists of:

HydraCalm Caring Milk Cleanser

Perfect for all skin types. This product is a non-oily pre-cleanse that removes impurities whilst maintaining skin moisture.

HydraCalm Cleansing Gel

A gentle foamy cleanser that deeply cleanses impurities and excess sebum, without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.

HydraCalm Lotion

A lightweight, water-like lotion that nourishes, refines and plumps skin.

HydraCalm Serum

An intensive serum that boosts skin’s hydration and locks in moisture for long-lasting effects.

HydraCalm Cream

A non-greasy and lightweight cream that provides instant hydration, reduces oil secretion and the appearance of fine lines.

HydraCalm Sleeping Mask

A cooling and refreshing light cream gel mask that provides optimum hydration and brightening effects throughout the night.

Purifying Blemish Clear (our fav!)

An anti-blemish gel that visibly fades away blemish spots. Magic in a tube!