Sun Bum - Bum Rush Tour, Avalon Beach, NSW Australia
February 14, 2016

It was Valentine’s Day on our Australian tour and we were looking to spread some Sun Bum love the best way we know how, a champagne shower and a big ol’ $1000 check. To do that, we decided the go on the hunt for wave that was working well enough to throw an impromptu Bum Rush surf competition: no qualifiers, no entry fees, no applications, and even we don’t know exactly when or where it’s going to happen. We just pull up to a random beach, sound a horn and 20 minutes later call a surfer out of the water and crown them champion. 

We were in Northern Beaches, Sydney and after unsuccessfully scoping both Newport Reef and Bigola Beach, we came to Avalon Beach, parked our van on the cliffs above, and discovered both the wave crew we were looking for. It was a beautiful summer day so the beach was crowded and the waves were small but fun. There were a lot of ripping locals out in the water, but 21 year old Newport local, Harry Musgrove, quickly caught our judges attention with his ability to maximize the potential of every wave he got and when the horn signaled there was no denying Harry the Bum Rush Avalon champion. After a rough night out at the pub the night before Harry said he struggled to get out of bed that morning, but now is so stoked he did. Harry plans to pay off some bills with his unexpected cash winnings. Congrats Harry!


Sun Bum - Bum Rush Tour, Tallows Beach, Byron Bay, Australia
February 20, 2016

Our Australian tour took us all over the country, during the second week we found ourselves in Byron Bay and itching to spread some stoke and give away some more money. The beaches and breaks are so wild and so remote, not too similar to our home breaks in Florida and California. The guys and girls surfing there are a breed all their own paddling out into deep waters off empty white beaches. We woke up before dawn to check the surf and after an unsuccessful very windy wave check at Broken Head we caught word that there was a crew of people heading out at legendary Tallows Beach. While in Byron we learned that, because of the shark population, it’s best to surf in numbers - so to Tallows we went. After a quick wave check we quickly unloaded our gear and met up with our celebrity judges and Byron locals Rasmus and Eva King. The surfing that happened that morning was just as incredible as the surroundings. From what we could see there was a crew of buddies in the water, and one in particular that really stood out. 22 year old First Point Noosa Head local Jesse Hackett blew our judges minds with his ability to throw air reverses on pretty much anything and when the horn rang there was no denying him the trophy. Even as it all wrapped up it was still an early morning, so then newly crowned Bum Rush champ said that he planned to buy his mates breakfast with his winnings and shortly after plans to get a new board with what remains as all off of his are “creased” (which we imagine is a common problem for Jesse as he seemed to spend more time in the air then in the water). Congrats Jesse!



Sun Bum - Bum Rush Tour, Kirra Point, Gold Coast, Australia
February 21, 2016

It was our last full day in Australia during our big launch tour and we knew Delta wouldn’t let us get on the airplane with this extra gigantic $1000 check we had in our truck so we hit the beach looking for another stop on our Bum Rush tour. We were en route back to Sydney passing through the Gold Coast when the winds turned off shore and the waves started really pumping. After a few roadside wave checks we pulled over at iconic Kirra Point and our jaws dropped. Clean beautiful sets rolling in one after another. The best surf we had seen the entire trip. We didn’t have a choice, this was the last stop on our Australian Bum Rush tour, it had to be. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the beach was packed with friends and families alike. Off the point the current was strong and while the waves were pumping it was proving difficult for guys and girls out there to get more than one wave an hour. Our guest judges, our very own CEO and Gold Coast local Adam Francis and his two groms, quickly pointed out a surfer who seemed to defy the current and was getting perfect peeling waves after perfect peeling wave. Gold coast local Ecco Kunihiro was making laps around the other surfers in the water and making each and every wave a graceful dance on her beautiful yellow single fin. There was no denying it, Ecco was our Bum Rush Kirra Point champion. Ecco was just enjoying a relaxing Sunday with her family, and ended up our Kirra Point Bum Rush champion with an extra grand in her pocket. Before she grabbed her board to run back and get a few more waves, Ecco told us that she plans to use her $1000 bucks for a surf trip to Noosa with her husband Sam. Congrats Ecco!