Are you a Beauty Addict? How many of these will you agree with?

You talk through your makeup routine as if you’re giving a tutorial

You dedicate more storage space to your beauty products than your clothes

You own two pairs of tweezers, one for plucking stray hairs and one for applying false lashes.\

You find time to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturise no matter what time you get home after a night out

You can tell someone exactly what brand, product and shade they’re wearing

Your friends and family all come to you for makeup advice

You’re always buying back-ups of your favourite products, just…in….case

You’re most excited when you hear the phrase ‘limited edition’

You’ll happily skip a meal to afford the newest beauty product

You know when all the new products and brands are landing in Australia, and have them set up as a calendar reminder in your phone


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