It’s the most romantic night of the year: If you want to wow your date this Valentine’s Day, be strategic with your beauty choices. Sure, a classic red lipstick will have them hanging on your every word, but imagine the end-of-night kiss aftermath and the risk you run of getting lippie on your teeth during dinner. No thanks! Instead, stick to these foolproof tricks for a sultry, but not over-the-top, date night beauty look that is guaranteed to win him over.

Draw attention to your eyes

Nothing captures the attention of the person sitting across the table from you like beautiful Bambi-like eyes! To help open up your eyes, curl your lashes then add a strip of false lashes like Ardell Glamour Lashes 103 Black to frame your peepers. Add a touch of nude shimmer eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye to make your whites appear whiter for the finishing touch.

Make lips look irresistible

Hoping for a goodnight kiss at the end of your date? Make your lips look absolutely irresistible. Give your your lips an instant boost without needles using a non-surgical lip plumper. The right plumper can give you natural-looking bee-stung lips, subtly adding shape and volume. Then, layer on a gloss with light-reflecting pigments and he won’t be able to take his eyes off your plump pout.

Keep hair touchable

Imagine this – he’s running his fingers through your hair and all he can feel is stiff, crunchy hairspray hair. Not quite how they depict it in all those rom-com’s you love! Instead, go for natural texture and a silky soft finish. We love the richly nourishing formula of Puretopia Shine & Gloss Conditioner, which leaves your tresses looking on point with minimal styling.

Strategically spritz your scent

Firstly, you need to pick the right fragrance for the occasion. Opt for something sweet with vanilla notes like So...? Kiss Me’s kissable blend of blackcurrant and citrus, rather than anything too spicy (save that for your next night out dancing date). Secondly, spritz it on your pulse points. The notes will react with the warmth of your body to reveal a twist on the scent that’s uniquely you.