Monday mornings are hard enough without waking up to a bad hair day and tired bags under the eyes. Since getting your eight hours of beauty sleep can only help so much, the solution lies is in some clever prep work the night before. Here’s three essential steps to add to your beauty routine on a Sunday night to ensure you wake up looking radiant and ready for the work week ahead come Monday morning.

Give your complexion a good scrub

Time to scrub away all the wrong-doings from the weekend and start the new week with a clean slate. Giving your face a good cleanse and exfoliation on Sunday nights helps remove dirt and leftover makeup so your skin can breathe again and doesn’t begin the week with breakouts. We love Transformulas Marine Miracle Glycol Cleanser because it’s essentially a cleanser and exfoliant in one, featuring glycolic acid to help remove dead skin cells from the surface and reveal a cleaner, smoother layer underneath.

Apply dry shampoo before bed

If you’re too exhausted to wash your hair on a Sunday night, then dry shampoo will sort your hair out for another 24 hours. But here’s the trick: apply it before bed, not in the morning. The product has more time to soak up excess oil from hair overnight, and you won’t be left with any white residue. We love Polished London Cornwall Coconut Dry Shampoo – the coconut scent will have you dreaming of a tropical island!

Treat skin to a boost of moisture

Big weekends take their toll on skin. Alcohol, late nights and slacking on your beauty routine leaves your complexion desperate for a drink come Sunday night. A serum like Indeed Labs Hydraluron boosts moisture levels in skin with the help of hyaluronic acid, which holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Your skin will be ready to glow come sunrise.


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