You worked hard at the gym, but now you’re a sweaty mess and need to look pulled together, stat. Whether you’re heading back to the office, or treating yourself to a sneaky cocktail with friends to reward yourself, these are the must-have beauty items every girl should have stashed in her gym bag to get fresh and fabulous in a flash.

Body lotion

We know you’re probably in a rush to get somewhere after your gym session, but try not to cut corners on your beauty routine. After you’ve showered, don’t forget the all-important step of moisturising. Your skin will feel soft and nourished throughout the day and thank you in the long run. We love to slather on Tabu Hand & Body Lotion because it doubles as a hand cream and is scented with a woody oriental fragrance that lets you skip your fragrance and go bare, if you so choose. 

Makeup wipes

These come in handy both pre- and post-workout. Always remove your makeup before exercising so your skin can breathe (and so you don’t end up with a melted face of makeup). Then, after your workout and shower, give your face another wipe to ensure all dirt and grime is gone from your pores.

Tinted moisturiser

Try and avoid a heavy face of makeup after exercising if you haven’t given your skin time to cool down. Full coverage makeup may trap in heat, leaving you hot and bothered all day long. Opt for a more breathable formula like a tinted moisturiser that will give you coverage while hydrating your skin. Bonus points for one that has an SPF so you can stay protected from the sun when you’re out and about.

Dry shampoo

Nothing revives post-gym hair better than dry shampoo. If you don’t have time to hit the shower and wash your hair, spritz dry shampoo into the roots to soak up sweat and give it a boost of volume. We love Polished London Bristol Bloom Dry Shampoo because it also has a soft floral scent.

Facial mist

Does your face go brighter than a beetroot when you workout? Help calm and soothe your irritated and overheated skin with a toner like Puretopia Refresh & Balance Facial Mist & Toner. It contains aloe, which is great for soothing irritated skin, and witch hazel to purify your complexion post-sweat. Spritz a facial mist on after cleansing and before makeup, and reapply throughout the day when you need a refreshing hit.

Body powder

If your skin finds alcohol-based perfumes irritating after a sweat sesh, then dab on a scented talcum powder instead. Try Panache Perfumed Talc – it has a delicate floral scent with a hint of musk, and its comforting formula will leave skin feeling soft and fresh.

Lip and cheek tint

Rather than packing your extensive makeup kit, follow up your workout with a pared-back but equally beautiful makeup look. A product that doubles as a sheer lippie and radiant-enhancing blush will take up little space in your gym bag, but will deliver a big impact. Just sweep on mascara if you’re one of those girls who can’t live without it (guilty!) and you’re good to go.


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