If anyone lives and breathes beauty, it’s Lion In The Wild’s Kiara King. Known for her gorgeous auburn locks and feminine aesthetic, this blogging babe from Perth stopped by to share the beauty tips and tricks you need now.

Top beauty tip? There’s nothing better than a wispy, natural brow! I will be forever thankful to my mum for not letting me pluck my eyebrows in high school.

What’s your favourite DIY skin treatment? Relaxing with a pair of chilled green-tea bags after a long day. It’s the best way to de-puff and soothe tired eyes.

What are your top travel essentials? I like to pack in as much hydration as possible, so I make sure I apply a super hydrating mask when we arrive at our destination.

How are you changing up your skincare routine as you age? Healthy skin is an investment, so I visit my dermal therapist once a fortnight to help battle pesky hormonal breakouts and fine lines. I know I’ll be thanking myself in years to come. 

How do you protect your skin from the sun? Aside from covering up (I love a good fedora!), I use sunscreen every single day.

What trend is coming – and going? Heavy contouring has made way for a much more subtle and natural look, which celebrates and enhances features rather than hiding them. My favourite new trend is blurred lips in pretty pinks and reds.