Here comes the Sun!

Bondi Sands believe the sun is to be enjoyed - not avoided. Which is why your favourite tanning range has just released it’s new range of suncare.

This summer you’ll be confident in knowing your skin is protected from Australia’s harsh sun – so you’ll be free to swim, surf and splash in the ocean with Bondi Sands new range of non-greasy, water-resistant suncare products. Plus, did we mention they smell great?!

Introducing the range…

Protect & Tan SPF15 - This product is a global first! It is a sunscreen and tanning oil with SPF and DHA, allowing you to protect your skin whilst also tanning. The oil is a fast-dry formula that is 2hr water resistant, and has a broad-spectrum UVA + UVB protection. All this in a handy spray application.

SPF15 Tanning Oil

SPF30 Tanning Oil

SPF30 Lotion

SPF50 Lotion


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