When it comes to beauty, the fragrance you wear is one of the biggest statements you can make about who you are. And while having a signature scent that you love is a must, you also need a greater collection of faithful fragrances that work for you when you need them most.

Just like you wouldn’t wear the same clothes every day, you shouldn’t reach for the same fragrance day in and day out. Think of your fragrance wardrobe like your fashion wardrobe. Pick and choose your scent to match the occasion and your daily mood.

With a hectic social schedule coming up, full of Christmas parties, summer shenanigans and New Year festivities, there’s never been a better time to start building your fragrance wardrobe. Here’s everything you need in your fragrance set so you’re covered for anything and everything life throws at you. 

The Classics

These are the fragrances you can turn to most days of the week, much like a trusty LBD. Your signature scent falls into this category, as well as other timeless fragrances with floral, musk and green notes that make a sophisticated statement. Try Panache EDP –the fresh floral mix of jasmine, lily of the valley and rose will lure you in, while the musk base finishes your scent on an elegant note. 

TOP TIP: To boost the staying power of your fragrance, layer it with other products, like body creams and scented powders that are fragranced with the same notes, such as Panache Body Powder.

The Work-Approved Scents

Subtlety is key in the office – you don’t want to be that girl that everyone can smell a mile away. Yes it’s ok to be noticed, but for having a beautiful scent not an overpowering one. An eau de toilette variety is lighter than its eau de parfum counterpart, as is much better suited to occasions when you’re in close proximity to others for long periods of time. Try Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Spray – its citrus, green tea, jasmine and peppermint notes are not just a crowd-pleaser, but will also leave you energised and uplifted throughout the work day.

The Playful Weekenders

Reach for anything that boosts your mood and energy levels! For a casual setting, fruity and citrus fragrances let off a fun-loving vibe. Try DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom EDP – the vibrant notes of sparkling grapefruit paired with the sweetness of apple blossom will put you in the weekend spirit with every spritz!

The Night-time Spritzes

When night falls, update your fragrance to something richer. Woody oriental fragrances are a great choice because they’re bold and confident. Try a scent like Tabu Cologne, which delivers a heady exotic blend of flowers, spices and woods for a seductively feminine scent. 

TOP TIP: For a variant that’s cheaper, Tabu Body Spray has all the same notes but in a lighter spritz.


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