Spoiler alert: There’s no such thing as a year-round beauty routine. The changes in weather means you need to constantly tweak the products you’re using to get the best results. Here’s how to transition your skin care routine from the harshness of winter to a more forgiving spring.


It’s time to start easing off the rich creams and take a lighter approach. Start by swapping your day cream for a more lightweight water-based version, like a gel-cream formula. However, stick with your more intensely moisturising night cream like Puretopia Sleep & Renew Night Moisturiser for now, until your skin has time to get its moisture levels back on track and recover from the dry signs of winter.


Come spring, our flaky winter skin doesn’t just miraculously disappear so you’ll need to continue using your face scrub twice a week, at least until it starts to feel like its old self again. Exfoliating helps remove dirt and grime, as well as promote new cell turnover to reveal a more glowing base underneath. Once you start to see improvements in your skin’s natural hydration levels, you can reduce how often you use your exfoliator to once a week.


Dryness is the bane of our winter skin, but in spring our natural oil production starts to kick back in, which means you’ll be less prone to dryness…but may suffer from excess oil in its place. Use a cleanser like Transformulas Marine Miracle Glycol Cleanser, which will help remove excess sebum (oil) while it cleans.


TOP TIP: While you need to alter your skin care routine from season to season, always take a slow and steady approach. Introduce a few new products at a time so your skin has time to adjust to the change in formulas and ingredients. 


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