Ah, the P word. You think you’ve gotten rid of them for good, but then they come back with a vengeance. True, pimples are more prevalent in your teens, but they can be around at any age and things like stress, hormones, diet, overall health and products you use on your skin can all bring-on these nasty little visitors. But stop stressing about those red dots on your chin (because actually it will just make them worse) and start getting yourself into these habits to break the pimple cycle.

Wash your makeup off before bed and keep your face clean in general. It’s so easy to be lazy and think 'I’ll just do it tomorrow,' but letting makeup and dirt settle into pores is a sure-fire way to invite pimples to the party.

Use products that specifically help pimples. Avoid products high in alcohol – which many acne fighting creams are. Look for ingredients like salicylic acid (aka beta-hydroxy acid) to remove the excess dirt and dead skin, and regulate oil production. A spot treatment is great because it targets a specific area and doesn’t dry out the whole face. We love Clinelle Hydra Calm Pure Swiss Blemish Clear.

Exfoliate regularly. Don’t go for harsh scrubs, instead try chemical exfoliators with active ingredient such as glycolic or lactic acid.

Moisturise daily. There’s a common misconception that to avoid pimples and oily skin you shouldn’t lather it with creams and moisturisers, and this could not be more wrong. In fact, letting skin dry out means your body will be prompted to produce more oil. And to add to this, many acne fighting ingredients like salicylic acid will dry your skin. So find a simple moisturiser that is non-comedogenic. We love Clinelle Hydra Calm Pure Swiss Lotion.

Don’t touch! Keep your hands away from your face because you are just adding to the dirt. And popping or picking? That’s the biggest no-no ever. It won’t get rid of the pimple, it will actually just spread the bacteria that was inside and make more (plus, the original now will take longer to heal as it is a sore). Step away from the mirror (now)!

Eat well. Avoid junk and fatty foods. Your skin is an organ and part of your body so the cleaner you eat, the cleaner it will be. Fresh fruit and vegetables are a winner. And lots and lots of water!

Exercise more. Regular exercise is good for you, and hence good for your skin. Have a shower straight after and get rid of any sweat from a workout (particularly around the face).

Stress less. Stress makes the adrenal glands overproduce cortisol, a steroid, which in turn makes sebaceous glands produce more oil, so your skin will be extra oily. Try yoga or a good long walk. Even time reading a book or doing whatever it is that makes you feel more zen.