The only place we like to wear purple is on our eyes –not under them. Dark circles put a real dampener on a fresh, flawless face and are tricky to disappear without a thick layer of concealer. Tricky, but not impossible! Follow these essential tips for preventing dark circles.

Get a good night’s sleep

We all know that lack of sleep leaves us with under-eye puffiness, but a bad night’s rest also causes the blood vessels around the eyes to dilate, which can lead to that unsightly dark tint that causes the appearance of dark circles. How you sleep is also important: try sleeping on your back with an extra pillow to prop up your head. This prevents fluid from pooling under the eyes.

Use a retinol eye cream

Retinol can help stimulate the production of collagen and strengthen the skin under the eyes, improving dark discolouration over time.  We love Indeed Labs Retinol Face, which is rich in vitamin A, a retinol derivative.

Gently remove your makeup

This simple step in your makeup routine (or lack there of!) could be making matters much worse. Rubbing off your eye makeup too vigorously can break the capillaries around the eye area, which are extremely delicate. Apply your eye makeup remover (it needs to be specifically formulated for eyes as the skin in this area is more sensitive and thin compared to the rest of your complexion) to a cotton pad and press it onto closed eyes for 10 seconds. Then gently sweep to the side to wipe away your eye makeup. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Cool your under-eye area

Never use hot water when removing your eye makeup; it worsens puffiness and accentuates dark circles. Using an eye treatment like Puretopia Eye Rescue Roller with a massage roller will help cool, refresh and de-puff circles, as well as work to reduce the appearance of darkness.

Curl your lashes

Possibly the simplest thing you can do to help your eyes appear brighter and wider is to curl your lashes (we love Ardell Precision Eyelash Curler). Flat lashes can cast a shadow over your under-eye area and leave your peepers looking narrow and fatigued.


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