Fragrances can make such a strong style statement, and are often a hefty beauty investment so you want every spritz to go the distance. But some days come midday, you wander whether you even remembered to apply your perfume because you’re smelling nadda. Like any step in your beauty routine, there is always a handful of tricks to help you master perfection: here is how to make your fragrance last all day long.

1. Pick an EDP over an EDT

You no doubt already know that an EDP is generally a heavier, richer version of its EDT counterpart. But it also has greater stamina. As a general rule, eau de toilette formulas only last a few hours, while an eau de parfum should linger most of the day since it has a higher concentration of pure perfume essence. For days when you want to transition from a lighter, fresher scent in the morning (try Giorgio Beverly Hills EDT’s classic warm floral concoction) to a more seductive one in the evening (you can’t go wrong with Midnight Fantasy  – the name says it all!), choose an eau de toilette. But when you want to be noticed from sunrise to after dark, an EDP has got your back.

2. Prep before your spray

There’s not much your trusty pot of Vaseline can’t do, and prolonging your fragrance is all in a day’s work for the ointment. Simply smear it lightly onto your pulse points before your spray your perfume and it will help hold the scent on your skin for longer. Coating your body head to toe with a body lotion like Tabu Hand & Body Lotion also help give the perfume particles a moisturised surface to latch on to.

3. Spritz on your pulse points

Speaking of pulse points, they are the hot spots for where you should be spritzing your perfume, literally. Pulse points are areas on the body that are naturally warmer, and when you spritz your fragrance here the heat from your body reacts with the scent to amplify its effects. There’s the usual suspects: on your wrist, collarbone (the notes settle in the dips nicely so clothing won’t rub it off) and behind the ear lobes. And there’s also a few unexpected places too, like your belly button, behind the knees and ankles, and inside your elbows.

4. Layer with body lotion

You know how your favourite scent also comes in a body lotion too? Well there’s a reason: when you layer the two together the scent is intensified and has greater longevity. You can even go for the trifecta with a body wash – we’re currently obsessed with the Tabu Shampoo & Shower Gel, it ensures you catch an invigorating whiff of exotic flowers, spices and woody notes all day long. Fragrances like Panache even have a perfumed talc so there’s no excuse not to smell incredible from dawn to dusk.

5. Look after the bottle

If you want to prolong the shelf life of your perfume, then you need to give it a nurturing home. Don’t leave your fragrances exposed to sunlight or excessive warmth and humidity, they can quickly spoil. They prefer to chill out in dry, cool spots.