Skin and hair can be so unpredictable. You can leave your house looking one way, and come home looking another! Luckily, we’ve shared some quick tips next time you’re in need of an emergency beauty fix.


Try not to aggravate a blemish further by applying layers of makeup as a cover. The key is to calm the skin and combat any redness. We recommend using Clinelle’s Blemish Clear as it is a soothing formula that contains salicylic acid, tea tree oil and other natural plant extracts to maintain healthy skin.

Oily Hair

Lets face it, we don’t always have the time to wash our hair and often have to skip this step when in a rush. Luckily, Polished London is the perfect Dry Shampoo for the girl on the go. Simply spray it into your roots, massage through + you’ll have refreshed hair in a matter of minutes. Tip: Brunette’s should use the Blighty Brunette Dry Shampoo to avoid any white residue.

Pale Skin

Getting ready for a night out and realised you’ve forgotten to apply fake tan? Don’t rush about trying to do a last-minute job that will only end up patchy, and very orange. Bondi Sands Bronzer’s in Light/Medium and Dark are perfect for getting that golden glow, instantly. The bronzer is transfer resistant (so won’t end up on your outfit) and will wash off easily at the end of the night.


Now learn how to work your beauty routine into your busy schedule!