Bondi Sands is so much more than the best self-tanning products. It’s about sand, sea and sun and the lifestyle that comes with it.

Inspired by Australia’s most well-known beach and a desire to make the ultimate tan accessible to everyone. The Bondi Sands formula works to give you an even, naturally golden tan that hydrates and nourishes your skin, meaning you stay bronzed for longer. Plus, it’s Australian owned and made!

The newest addition to the Bondi Sands range is the Everyday Liquid Gold Dry Oil 270ml.

The Everyday Liquid Gold features the Bondi Sands innovative dual action gradual tanning formula that provides a deep, long-lasting and natural-looking tan. Even better, the formula is enriched with argan oil to hydrate your skin with every application. We recommend you use the Everyday Liquid Gold daily to ensure you maintain a natural tan throughout the year.

The self-tanning oil glides on with ease, is dry to the touch within seconds, develops over 8 hours and lasts for a week.

Unsure of how to use the Everyday Liquid Gold? Here’s our tips on achieving a beautiful golden glow.

-For an even, streak-free tan, ensure your skin is clean and dry prior to application

-Apply the Everyday Liquid Gold evenly onto the skin in a circular motion

-Wait until touch dry before dressing

-Make sure to wash your hands after use 

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