Meet makeup artist & beauty vlogger Heidi Hamoud. Here, the beauty addict dishes her go-to products, techniques and more!

Tell us about your morning and night skincare routine?  I’ve been lucky enough to have naturally good skin, although it is quite dry. Every morning and night I apply a hydrating eye cream and a hydrating face cream. Throughout the week, I also like to apply some oils (rosehip, argan, coconut oils) and the occasional face mask.  

Any other beauty secrets? I love applying plain Greek yoghurt to my face! It helps with fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to reduce redness.

I also don’t wear makeup every day. I let my skin breath at least 3-4 days a week and make sure to moisturise a few times each day. 

How do you maintain your skin whilst travelling? My skin always changes whilst travelling and gets super dry. To help, I drink as much water as possible and apply a heavy night cream. 

Are you changing up your skincare routine as you age? I switch up my moisturisers and masks. I now need more intense hydrating products.  

Trend talk – what’s in and what’s out?! The super overdrawn, overdone eyebrows are out – it’s not flattering for anyone! I think people are starting to embrace more natural makeup looks. A light complexion, slight glow to the cheekbones and flushed cheeks. It is unbelievably flattering for all. 

What’s the most important beauty tip you’ve learnt in your experience? To always take care and nourish your skin - it is the key to your youth. And sunscreen - it’s so important! If I leave the house, I apply a high SPF sunscreen