One week before… Give yourself a facial

If you don’t have time to visit a pro, it’s easy enough to take matters into your own hands. A week prior to your big event, turn your attention to your skin. Is it feeling dry and looking dull? Up the hydration. Look for products like indeed labs hydraluron that contain hyaluronic acid, which holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water to deliver serious nourishment to your skin, fast. A great night treatment is also key, as that’s when your skin works its hardest to repair and renew. Try Transformulas Marine Miracle Night Repair Serum, which helps  improve the appearance of skin density, radiance and elasticity.

TOP TIP: Avoid using new skin care products a few days prior to your event in case your skin has a bad reaction. A week or more buffer period is best.

A few days before… Wax time!

The last thing you want to do the day before your affair, when you already have plenty other things to think about, is shave. Especially when you risk missing spots or sporting a not-so-lovely nick when you get your pins out in your cocktail dress. Instead, waxing offers you a long-lasting smooth and hair-free finish, and can (and should) be done a few days beforehand. Try Andrea Assorted Wax Strips for Face and Body – the pre-waxed strips make the whole process so much faster and effortless.

TOP TIP: If your big event is of the romantic kind, you might want to grab a tub of Andrea Brazilian Wax  too.

The day before… Time to get your glow on.

The great thing about fake tan is it takes no time at all to get the perfect shade (you could literally apply a formula like Bondi Sands Self Tan Mist Dark for a tan within seconds, if you like to leave things to the very last second!), and it’s risk-free if you pick the right formula. We love Bondi Sands Liquid Gold because it smooths on for a flawless, streak-free finish and gives you the ultimate bronze shade with just one application.

TOP TIP: After your shower, you may instinctively reach for your deodorant or moisturiser, but make sure you stop yourself. Combining your self-tanner with deodorant can make your skin turn a strange green-grey colour, while moisturiser (or any other oil-based product) will interfere with its ability to absorb the tanning product.