If anyone lives and breathes beauty, it’s these six bloggers. These bloggers are fully committed to helping you update your makeup bags, medicine cabinets and shower shelves for the season, tackling new trends and introducing you to the latest product drops. What dreamy colour combos have they got in the works? What insider tips and tricks are they keen to try? Hear what they have to say, then bookmark their beauty blogs, stat!


What is your biggest skincare splurge? I wouldn't really say I splurge on skincare - some of the best products can be so affordable! It's all about what works for you.

How do you deal with unexpected breakouts? Toothpaste! I put a dob of toothpaste on overnight and it’s usually clear by the morning!

What’s your favourite skincare DIY? Lip scrub. A bit of raw sugar and rosehip oil and bam!

What’s your ultimate beauty hack? Using jojoba oil as a hair mask! Apply to your dry hair before you wash and leave it overnight or for 15-30mins and then wash as normal. It leaves my hair more silky and shiny than any other hair mask!

What’s your top tip for applying falsies? Let the glue dry and get tacky before trying to apply the lash. Also, trimming the lashes from the outer edge is a lifesaver as they don't dig into the inner corner while you wear them!

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Can you take us through your typical skincare routine? My skincare routine has become pretty extensive! Mornings: micellar water cleanser, hydrating serum, eye cream, sunscreen. Evenings: cleanse with a gentle cleanser and cleansing brush, hydrating toner or essence, hydrating serum, chemical exfoliant, retinol product, eye cream, moisturiser, lip balm.

How do you deal with unexpected breakouts? As tempting as it is to squeeze them my tip is to ice them to reduce the swelling. If it is coming to a head, try some warm water on a cloth pressed over the spot to bring the head to the surface. Then with clean hands and a tissue you can gently squeeze it, but only if it's ready!

What’s your expert tip for applying false lashes? When it comes to lashes I'm an individual lashes girl all the way! Individuals are easy to apply, are super comfortable and they look so natural. They'll also last a few days if you look after them.

What’s your ultimate beauty hack? Nude liner on the inner waterline. The nude liner removes redness, brightening the eyes and making you look fresh and awake.

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Where do you skimp and where do you splurge when it comes to beauty products? I think skincare in general is something worth spending your money on. A good makeup remover/cleanser, moisturiser, treatment product (one that caters to a specific skin concern) and eye cream are definitely my top four steps I never skimp on!

How do you deal with unexpected breakouts? Don't touch them! I am so guilty of this it’s not funny but it really is one of the best and hardest things you can do. For those nasty blind pimples that just won't come to the surface, I'll use a warm compact placed over it for few minutes each night and I love using a drying lotion.

What’s your favourite skincare DIY? Pop two spoons in the freezer over night, run them under room temperature tap in the morning and place them under the eyes to refresh puffy under eyes! Also, apple cider vinegar on breakouts; and mixing a serum into your foundation for a more hydrating feel and lighter coverage.

What’s your expert tip for applying false lashes? Let your eyelash glue dry slightly tacky before trying to apply it! It's so important and I think so many people are too impatient with their lashes. I also find cutting a lash band into three pieces helps too as you have more control when placing it.

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What is your major skincare concern? I have combination/oily skin, so shine, breakouts and uneven texture (little bumps around my jawline) are my main concerns. The most important thing is to not strip it of natural oils, so I use detoxifying serums or masks followed by a generous layer of a hydrating serum or oil. It may sound counter-intuitive, but oil is so important for oily skin!

How do you deal with unexpected breakouts? I would say you definitely shouldn’t pick at breakouts, but that would be hypocritical of me as I’m a serial offender! But I try to resist the urge and focus on treating my skin with acid exfoliators and masks containing manuka honey because it has natural antibacterial properties. My breakouts have also been less frequent since I introduced retinol into my night-time routine.

What’s your favourite skincare DIY? I love an at-home facial! I have a hot shower to open up my pores, a deep double cleanse, then layer different masks. I finish up with a nourishing facial oil and sometimes a facial massage using a jade roller. It helps to de-stress after a long day.

How do you change your skincare and makeup routine for spring? I start being even more vigilant with SPF! My vampy lipsticks (think berry, burgundy and deep red) are left alone and out comes the pinks, corals, warm reds and sheer lip colours.

What’s your ultimate beauty hack? Your makeup will always look its best when you apply it in natural light, so whenever I can, I make sure I do my makeup before the sun goes down. Find a good window in your home and set yourself up there with a hand mirror.

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Jade Reece

What is your major skincare concern? I have always had issues with hormonal acne and my skin is very oil-prone. I recently started using charcoal products and masks, which I find really helps. 

What are your go-to resources for finding beauty inspiration? It’s hard not to run out of ideas sometimes. I find it helps to bond with your followers and ask them what they want to see or what everyone likes. 

What’s your favourite skincare DIY? I can’t say I have ever DIY-ed my skincare, but I love mixing a few different oils to make a hair mask. 

Top tip for perfectly framed brow? Work with your brows not against them. And set your brows with a powder and or wax so they don’t smudge during the day.

What’s your ultimate beauty hack? Definitely my number one hack would be applying my primer with a buffer brush. Nothing makes my base more flawless.

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Loree Bloom

Can you take us through your typical skincare routine? I always start out with a cleanser on a cleansing brush; I find this preps the face for all the products I use. I then spritz on a hydrating mist/toner, pat on a serum and then my daily moisturiser.

Where do you skimp and where do you splurge when it comes to beauty products? I try to skimp on things such as makeup remover. I find micellar water does a great job at removing makeup, without the hefty price tag.

What is your major skincare concern? Wrinkles and breakouts. My top tips would be to limit time in the sun as it ages you prematurely, and drink at least two litres of water a day. You'll be surprised what a difference it makes.

What’s your favourite skincare DIY? I love using my coffee grounds to scrub my body!

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